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Purchase Process

Value Added Tax (VAT) Policy

All prices found on our websites include VAT 21 %. Important:

Question: I am from the non-EU country (example: Norway or Switzerland), should I pay double VAT?

Answer: No, you will not pay double VAT. We will deduct 21 % off our prices seen on our websites.

Question: I am from an EU country (example: UK, Germany, France, etc.), should I need to pay double VAT?

Answer: No, the prices seen on our website include VAT. You will not be asked to pay additional VAT in your country. It is according to European Union trade rules.

Question: I am a professional and have a valid VAT number. Can I get the invoice with 0 % VAT?

Answer: Yes, we will issue the invoice with 0 % VAT.

Please check the validity of your VAT code here: http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=en

Methods of Payment

We accept:

  • Direct bank transfers (default payment method);
    payment methods
  • Direct Paypal transfers and all major cards (CREDIT, DEBIT) (extra Paypal charges 2 %);
  • Please mention the form of payment before purchasing.
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