How to keep wood fired hot tub from freezing

In today`s article, we are going to discuss two common massage systems that can be installed in the hot tubs. We will also learn the main differences and how to act safely in winter having these systems in your hot tub. So to break down:

  1. Hydromassage system;
  2. Air bubble massage system;
  3. Winterizing these systems for good.

Hydromassage system, what is it?

Hydro massage system is by far the most popular and widely used. The main advantage of this system is the real massage effect on your body. Water runs through the jets forming quite a strong current which massages the body. The power of the current can be adjusted to one`s needs. 1 system combines of 6 jets, the water pump, and the required connecting pipes and other parts. 2 system can be connected to the same hot tub as well thus enabling to enjoy 12 jets at the same time. The jets are distributed evenly in terms of height and the distance between them. However, each jet can be installed on a different height.

P (1)

The minimum distances between jets have to be 25 cm and they cannot be installed vertically each above other. The power of the pump is 900 W and it connects to a standard 220 – 230 V single phase socket. In the below video, you can see how the hydro massage system works.

Air bubble massage system, what is it?

This system includes 12 air jets. The main difference between the air bubble and the hydro massage systems is the feel. Air bubble massage system creates a true jacuzzi massage effect with air bubbles running through one`s back. The pump has the optimal 700 W power level and it connects to the usual 220 – 230 V European sockets.

P (2)
how to keep wood fired hot tub from freezing

The questions which we get from our customers is what to do and expect during the winter period having these massage systems installed. Well, the main idea is to avoid the water freezing inside the tub and the pipes. Ice compared with water expands and takes about 8 % more volume. This extra volume will create a big pressure on the surfaces and can easily destroy them. So, what to do?

Firstly, you have to plan the schedule of bathing. Having in mind that the water volume of the decent tub is about 1800 l you shouldn’t ‘t be worried about the instant freeze. So, basically, if you plan to bath the next morning after this wonderful evening, you don’t have to do anything except to cover the bath with the lid.  Most of our models come with pre-insulated walls, bottom, and the lid and this will keep water freeze-free even longer. If you have different thoughts, you can always use the extra tools – small electrical heaters to keep it safe.

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Leaving the tub full of water for a longer time is not recommended and water should be drained from the tub and the pipes. Draining the water from the tub is very easy, one needs just to open the valve or the stopper. But what about the pipes? There is an extra easy tip for that. Please pay attention that after the bath is empty, you just need to turn on the systems for 10 seconds and the water leftovers will be drained as well.

The same principle is with all the spa accessories that connect outside through the water flowing pipes. That includes the heaters as well.

You are safe, happy bathing!

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