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FAQ Outside Saunas

  • Can a sauna be delivered flat-packed for self-assembly?

Certainly. Most sauna models are available unassembled as well. Flat-packed saunas are ideal for difficult of access location, plus shipping costs are usually lower.

  • Which heater type heats the sauna faster: electric or wood-burning?

The heating time does not differ much, just the preparation process is different: electric heater starts heating with a push of a button whereas it takes time to start a fire and to clean (sweep up the ash) the wood-burning heater afterwards.

  • What is the best temperature for a sauna?

Depends on individual preference, but in regard to safety, it is recommended to keep the temperature under 90˚C, according to the Finnish Sauna Society (especially for people with heart conditions). Higher temperatures are also possible; however, it is important to know your limits and not stay in the sauna for too long. Sauna-goers should be well-hydrated before, during and after spending time in the sauna.

  • How many people can fit inside a sauna?

The sauna room usually has benches on both sides. It can be presumed that 1 meter of the bench sits one person, in turn, 1 meter of the sauna room sits two people (on both sides). A 2-meter sauna would accommodate 4 people, a 3-meter sauna – 6 people and so on. If you plan to lay on the sauna benches, the sauna bench should be about 2 meters long for one person to lay comfortability.

  • Do I need to oil the exterior of the sauna?

We recommend oiling all exterior parts twice a year, ideally before and after winter. If you order an assembled sauna, it will be delivered already oiled. If you order a flat-packed sauna, the wooden parts will be untreated and will need to be oiled after the sauna is assembled.

  • Can I paint or stain the exterior of the sauna?

Certainly. All exterior parts can be painted or stained with products designed for outdoor use.

  • What sort of foundation should I prepare for the sauna?

Basically, the length and width of the foundation must meet the size of the sauna. The foundation itself should be flat to avoid possible deformations. Upon the request, we always send the required base drawing of the sauna.

  • What is the weight of the sauna?

The weight depends on the wood type and length of the sauna. Thermo wood is the lightest, larch is the heaviest. To give a rough estimate, a 2-meter sauna will weigh under 1 tonne, a 3-meter sauna – about 1,5 tonnes, a 4-meter sauna – about 2 tonnes, a 5-meter sauna – about 2,5 tonnes.

  • Which wood type is the best for a humid climate?

Thermo wood is hands down the best wood type for humid climates, as it does not rot or warp. Spruce is used for the preparation of thermo wood. Thermo wood is light and has a brown color. The water capillaries are burned, therefore, the possibility of wood deformation is reduced. For more information, please click here.

  • Will the roof of the sauna withstand heavy snowfall?

For mountainous areas and regions with heavy snowfall, we recommend considering the Igloo model. Its sloped roof is designed to withstand snow build-up.

  • Will sauna stones be included?

Yes, the required amount of sauna stones is included with every wood-burning or electric heater.

  • What heaters do we offer?

We offer electric, wood-fired and our modified smart APP-controlled pellet stoves for outdoor saunas. Individual models can be selected under each sauna model.

  • How to avoid wood shrinkage?

Shrinking wood may deform and cracks may show up, thus it is of key importance to try and avoid this. If the interior of the sauna seems very dry, leave a couple of buckets filled with water inside. As the water evaporates, the wood will absorb it. It is also recommended to water the exterior of the sauna from time to time as well, which can be done by pouring a couple of buckets of water on the exterior walls.

  • What is the delivery price of a certain product? Where can we deliver our products?

The delivery price depends on the model. Please see below. We offer EU-wide deliveries including Switzerland, Norway and other.

  1. Outdoor hot tubs: we often do some special offers, therefore, one can find free shipping under a certain outdoor whirlpool model.
  2. Outdoor saunas: the delivery price is not included and always applied as extra on top. In order to tell the delivery price of an outdoor sauna, we must know the following: (1) the model; (2) the size; (3) pre-assembled or flat packed; (4) The delivery address.
  3. Heaters for outdoor hot tubs: the delivery price is included expect for non-EU countries such as Norway or Switzerland.
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