Good evening Ruta and Albert

I am just letting you know that we have received our sauna! Many thanks for everything, it looks great! Unfortunately, we will not be able to use it for a while as we had difficulties getting it off the lorry as it was a lot heavier than we thought so our forklift was not strong enough. We have had to unload it at my husband’s fathers farm and it will have to stay there until harvest has taken place and we can put it into place with a larger machine which will mean we are only moving it once, so it does not get damaged. However please rest assured we have unloaded it and it is safe here!

I have sent you a photo of the sauna on the trailer and where we will situate it. I will send you more when we finally have it in its right home! We are very excited to use it and are impressed with the quality of workmanship we have seen so far, obviously, we have not been able to test it out fully yet.

Kind regards


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