Simply unbelievable – TOTAL bliss
5 STARS for the value of money, quality of build, low maintenance, aesthetics, and customer service

I purchased a wooden / fibreglass tub with jets – drinks shelf, stirring paddle, LED.

LEAD time 5-6 weeks – delivery fantastic

Value of money – cheaper than any quality electric hot tub ( not inflatables, however you want to avoid those)
Able to customize what u want and your price budget

Quality of build
Solid, insulated maximum, looks fantastic no leaks

Low maintenance
So much cheaper than electric to run – on average £3 of wood to heat up from cold and stays hot for at least 48 hours – small regular top-ups will give constant heat for days, as opposed to electric could be £50 to heat and between £3-5 to keep warm. So miles cheaper than an electric BOTH on cost and maintenance.
NOT ONLY that – no chemicals, no chlorine as tub can be emptied very easily using external water tap every 2-3 uses so COST saved on that as well

Customer service
Excellent, good price, no problems with the delivery, kept informed at all times, pictures sent during the build process

One point I would say is that an instruction Manual could be given with the tub regarding final build or maintenance regarding cleaning and fill instructions but this can be easily Google’d online

All in all fantastic service and cost for the quality received!

Wood Burning Fiberglass Hot Tub With Jets Wellness Royal, Ahrooran, Derry, Ireland (1)

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